Mission & Values

Our Mission

To inspire all students to become confident, ethical and compelling individuals with the aspiration and qualities to shape a better future for all

Exploring what our mission means to us as members of the Montpelier High School community, we regularly discuss how to bring our mission to life, both at home and at school, in order to be the best version of ourselves.

A confident person has a quiet secure inner knowledge that they are capable of handling whatever comes up, possessing the skills and strengths to move forward through any situation.

An ethical person is honest and fair; they treat people equally and behave with integrity and compassion. They are sympathetic to the difficulties of others and will compromise in order to always strive to do what is right.

A compelling person is bold and creates opportunities; they are comfortable with who they are and wear it like a badge of honour; they are inclusive and generous with everyone they meet, freely paying compliments to others; they are humble, ask questions and listen; and they are unafraid to stand up for something important.

We show aspiration in all behaviour that makes each of us a better person and the world a better place.

Shaping a better future for everyone means that we must nurture and develop a number of personal qualities such as determination and patience, self-belief and compassion, optimism and enthusiasm, integrity and trust.

Our Values

Respect. Responsibility. Curiosity. Resilience.

Our four core values are at the heart of our ethos and help to define who we are as members of the Montpelier High School community.

We will show respect for ourselves and for each other; and we will respect and appreciate the diversity that makes each of us unique.

We will take responsibility and be accountable for our own actions and we will strive to act with honesty and integrity at all times.

Curiosity drives our thirst to learn. As inquisitive individuals, we will seek a diverse range of perspectives to inform our own views.

When we face challenges, we will persevere and show resilience, able to adapt and embrace opportunities where others see only obstacles. 


Venturers Trust

Alongside the values central to MHS & V6 Sixth Form, we share the mission and values of Venturers Trust to challenge educational and social inequality through the power of education - a shared vision of:

  • All children
  • All backgrounds
  • All succeeding



Work Hard: we focus on the right actions, outcomes will take care of themselves

Be Kind: we do our best to treat others the way they want to be treated

Have Courage: we embrace the opportunities that challenges present