Wellbeing & Pastoral Support

At Montpelier High School we believe that students who feel safe and supported are more likely to thrive and reach their potential.

Our staff community is dedicated to the safeguarding and welfare of every student regardless of their circumstances. Staff at MHS work together to ensure the best outcomes for our students - part of this is being able to identify the early signs of any issues our students may be facing in school, at home or in the wider community. 


Who should you talk to if you have a wellbeing or pastoral concern?


Students have contact with their tutors every day and are encouraged to speak to their tutor when they feel they would like support. If required the student can be signposted to the appropriate member of the Head of Year or Safeguarding Team for pastoral support allowing them to remove any academic or personal barriers they may be facing. 


What do the Head of Year/Safeguarding Team do?


We regularly work in partnership with teachers, parents/carers and other specialist agencies to get the best outcomes for everyone. 

Our team can provide information, advice and guidance to both students and parents/carers in many areas including: