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Curriculum Overview

The curriculum at Montpelier High School will inspire students to become ethical and compelling individuals who are inquisitive about all areas of learning. Through the wide variety of subjects offered, CGS will provide all students with the knowledge, skills and competencies to be leaders in the innovative and dynamic global economy where transferrable skills are essential.  Students will follow a core curriculum that enables them to access their future goals. Personal, social and health education (PSHE) as well as employability skills are embedded throughout the curriculum and within a comprehensive tutorial and enrichment programme.

All students have a two week timetable in which they study 50 hours, each lesson is 60 minutes in duration. They have an additional 4 hours per week of vertical tutor or enrichment time within the school day.


Curriculum Date  
Summer Grading 2021 11th Jun 2021 Download
YEAR 9 07th Sep 2018 Download
YEARS 10 and 11 07th Sep 2018 Download
YEARS 12 AND 13 07th Sep 2018 Download
YEARS 7 AND 8 07th Sep 2018 Download