In the Biology department, we aim to:

  • Work scientifically
  • Make connections
  • Think critically

Years 10 - 11

We study the AQA specification at GCSE. Students will sit external examinations for this in the summer of Year 11. Students are entered either for Triple Science or Combined Science GCSEs. We encourage the development of knowledge and understanding in Biology by providing the students with opportunities for working scientifically.

We will complete a number of practical activities throughout the course. Students will need to be able to recall these practicals in the examinations. Students have access to lots of revision material on Moodle. We also recommend buying a copy of the CGP revision guide for AQA Biology. This is available through Parent Pay. The students have access to the online textbook on the Kerboodle website.

The topics that we cover are:

  • Cell biology
  • Organisation
  • Infection and response
  • Bioenergetics
  • Homeostasis and response
  • Inheritance, variation and evolution
  • Ecology


  • Further course details and past papers can be found on the AQA website: – Click the links for ‘Combined Science Trilogy’ or Biology for students studying these courses.
  • All students should make a Seneca Learning account.  Seneca Learning is particularly good for practising recall..
  • All students should have a GCSE Pod account where homework will be set consisting of multiple choice exam questions and videos for recap.
  • The website is a good source of past paper questions and notes. Make sure to use the AQA Biology or AQA Combined Science Trilogy sections.
  • Other useful YouTube channels include:  Free Science LessonsFuse School and Cognito.

Sixth Form

Please visit the V6 Sixth Form website for information about Biology A-Level.Full Course Information is available here

Revision Y12 Biology Year 1 AS LOs Student Teacher 1

Revision Y12 Year 1 AS LOs Student Teacher 2Revision Yr13 Biology Year 2 PLCs Student Teacher 2

Revision Y13 Biology Year 2 PLCs Student Teacher 2