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Our vision is to inspire our students to love and succeed in history through a varied curriculum and energetic teaching. The department share a passion for our subject which is reflected in high quality lessons and we hope that this enthusiasm is infectious! The Key Stage 3 curriculum has been recently overhauled to provide a strong factual foundation for the GCSE topics, as well as a good grasp of the different skills that will be needed for success.

In addition to leading a rage of history-specific careers, such as archaeology, history is an excellent gateway subject for many careers, including law, politics and journalism. History develops students’ analytical skills, their ability to read critically and their expertise in researching, building and supporting arguments. It also provides students with the ability to see the bigger picture and consider other points of view: skills that will help them to be good citizens in the future.


  • History is taught in the purpose built Humanities Classrooms.
  • There is full use of an Interactive Whiteboard in each of the classrooms
  • Use of the Humanities Laptops as well as ICT facilities across the school.
  • There is an extensive departmental library of books and visual resources as well as access to subscribed interactive resources.

Extra Curricular

  • The History Department encourages students from Key Stage Three to attend the ‘History Heroes’ Club. It is held once a week during enrichment The History Heroes club creates “This month in History” displays, reads and reviews historical fiction and investigates interesting historical issues that we are not always able to cover in class. For GCSE students we offer an enrichment club that offers wider context for the topics being studied at GCSE.Our aim is to offer a relevant history trip to every year group. We intend to run a trip to the WW1 battlefields for Y10 and day trips to Hampton Court and local sites connected to the Slave Trade.

Our Students Say:

‘I enjoy fun activities such as making our own board games’. – Year 7 student

‘Our History teachers are always so enthusiastic’ – Year 10 student

Years 7 - 9

Year 7

In Year 7 students study ancient and Medieval Britain and the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Year 8

In Year 8 students study the English Civil War, the British Empire and the Industrial Revolution; they also follow thematic units of changes in British diet and the development of British democracy to give them experience of this type of study ready for GCSE.

Year 9

In Year 9 students study the 20th Century World and follow thematic units on ancient Medicine, in preparation for their GCSE studies, and the role of women through history.

Years 10 - 11

We follow the Pearson GCSE (9-1) History syllabus. Units studied over Year 10 and Year 11 include:

  • Migrants in Britain c800-present day 
  • Spain and the 'New World' c1490-c1555
  • Early Elizabethan England 1558-88
  • Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-39

Elizabeth PLC


Knowledge Organisers Elizabeth


Germany PLC


Knowledge Organisers Germany


Spain PLC


Knowledge Organisers Spain


Tips for Parents


Sixth Form

Please visit the V6 Sixth Form website for information about History A-Level.

Full Course Information is available here

Revision Y12 History PLC – American Dream

Revision Y12 History PLC – Tudors

Revision Y13 History PLC – American Dream

Revision Y13 History PLC Tudors