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CGS has the advantage of providing a classical education. Students can opt to study Latin from Year 8. Our studies develop language skills and teach grammar through entertaining stories. Latin translation develops lateral thought and logic. Out stories begin in Pompeii and move to Rome via Roman Britain and Egypt. We meet Rotten Romans, crazy characters, Queen Cleopatra and mad emperors. We immerse ourselves in topics such as Roman food, chariot racing and theatre, with practical activities where possible.

Resources and Websites

  • E-learning course for units 1+2
  • Class Library
  • Cambridge Schools Latin course, Units 1+2
  • Slides/power points on Pompeii
  • Cambridge Latin course units 3+4
  • GCSE set texts
  • Roman baths books & DVD & slides
  • Resource books on Rome

Extra Curricular

  • Y8 Roman banquet – follow Roman recipes! (Stuffed dormice and flamingo not recommended!). Wear your toga with pride!
  • Y10 trip to the Roman baths
  • Preparations are under way for the trip to Italy in March/April 2015 where we will be visiting Rome, Ostia and Pompeii
  • Ancient Greek is now on offer for Year 10 upwards. The course involves two y ears, working towards gaining a GCSE at the end of that time

Our Students Say:

“The banquet is fantastic. We enjoy mask-making. We have fun researching projects on gladiators and Fishbourne Palace.”

“The e-learning program is very amusing and has good grammar revision exercise.”

Years 7 - 9

Year 8


Nominative, accusative and dative noun endings. Present, perfect, imperfect verb endings. Learn a complex language through a series of witty stories with devious slaves and crazy characters.


Everyday life in Ancient Pompeii, including gladiators, Roman recipes, Roman schools (you don’t know how lucky you are!) and the eruption of Vesuvius.

Year 9


  • Genitive noun endings
  • Pluperfect tense endings
  • Relative clauses


  • Everyday life in Roman Briton, including life down the mines and on the farm
  • Fishbourne Palace: find out how a British king lived
  • Everyday life in ancient Egypt, with evil glassmakers, crocodile hunts and a cool sacred cat

Years 10 - 11

New Specification from 2017

  • Language: Study of texts and stories in Latin to build knowledge and understanding of Latin vocabulary, accidence and syntax. Written paper – 1h 30 mins
  • Prose and Verse literature: Questions are answered in English on aspects of content. Candidates analyse, evaluate and respond to literary stimuli. 25% Prose and 25% Verse. Written paper – 1h