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A Reunion to Remember: Visit from CGS Old Girls

Earlier this term, a group of former students from Colston's Girls' School were welcomed back for a trip down memory lane, and we couldn't have been happier to host them. Olivia, a former Head Girl, along with Sarah, Jane (who currently works with us as an administrator), and other pupils from the 1980s were eager to revisit their old stomping grounds. One member of the group, Jenny, had even attended the school back in 1956! While much has changed over the decades, the trip was still a delightful experience that brought back fond memories.



Olivia expressed her gratitude, saying:

Thank you for making us so welcome as we visited the school after all those years. Hard to believe where 40 years have gone! It was fabulous to see the school and see how much of the old building still remains but all the progress and new buildings including the 6th form block. As Sarah said it was a fascinating trip back in time and we all felt so excited to be served tea in the Headteacher’s study! It clearly still has powerful memories for us all! It was so kind of you to give up all that time and a joy to meet Vanetta. I am thrilled to see the school in this new era and with such a great Headteacher. Many thanks again for making this special visit possible. It was a wonderful day coming back to Bristol and meeting up with old school friends too.

It was thrilling for them to see how the school has evolved over the years, including the new 6th form block and other progress, while still maintaining much of the original building. As Sarah put it, the trip was a fascinating journey back in time, and it was a special treat to be served tea in the Headteacher's study. Clearly, the school still holds a special place in their hearts. We were so glad to have played a part in making this reunion possible and to have had the chance to introduce the group to our Headteacher, Vanetta. It was a joy to see them all reconnecting and reminiscing about their time at Colston's Girls' School. Thank you for choosing to spend your day with us, and we hope to welcome you back again soon!