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PSHE Drop-Down Day & Careers Interview Day

On Wednesday and Thursday, Year 8 and Year 9 students were taking part in several enriching activities.



In visualisation, students explored their values and aspirations to set goals for their future. The yoga sessions were a well-deserved opportunity to experience connections to themselves and their peers. In discussions about belonging, students identified what was valuable to them. All students thoroughly benefitted from these sessions and the opportunity to spend time with others in their tutor groups.

Year 10’s were also involved in the Careers Interview Day on Wednesday.

Students had an insight into the types of questions you might get asked in an interview and the preparation that goes in to being interview-ready. Each student was interviewed by a visiting professional from a variety of different industries. They also heard from speakers from different sectors about their jobs.

ASK Apprenticeships also gave a talk to Year 10 with a wide range of information and advice on apprenticeship pathways.


Springpod also presented about virtual work experience opportunities - you can find more information about Springpod here.


Special thanks to The Society of Merchant Venturers for helping to coordinate the interview panel.


Many thanks to all our external visitors for giving up their time.