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Montpelier High School students achieve excellent GCSE results

Montpelier High School has maintained its record of academic excellence with an exceptional set of GCSE results.

An outstanding 85 per cent of students achieved at least a grade 4 in English and Maths, with more than two thirds (68 per cent) gaining a grade 5 or above.

Academic attainment overall was in line with or above 2019 pre-Covid outcomes.

Headteacher Ben Spence congratulated the students on their success. They are well set for the next steps towards their future goals, with a large proportion opting to remain at MHS in its inclusive and welcoming co-educational sixth form, V6.

The school saw some outstanding individual performances, such as Alys Wood and Maja Piwarska, who each earned eight grade nines.

Among other high achievers were:

Emily Soar and Maeva Page Cotton: seven 9s, 8s in other subjects.

Anna Raju: six 9s, 8s in other subjects.

Iris Jordan: eight 9s and two 8s.

Chloe McGregor: seven 9s, one 8 and one 7.

Isabella Bassett: six 9s, two 8s and one 7.

Brooke Logan and Bethan Walker: five 9s and the rest 8s.

Brooke said: “I am very happy with my grades and am looking forward to joining V6 to do A-levels in French, Psychology, English Literature and History. I am thinking of maybe going into law.

GCSE Results Day photos 3

Brooke Logan achieved five 9s and four 8s and is staying at V6 to study French, Psychology, English Literature and History

“My teachers have been so supportive. They have always tried to make sure everyone feels happy and safe at school as well as doing well academically.

“I have been part of the School Parliament and there has been a focus on listening to what students want and acting on it.”

A number of students exceeded their target grades. Esha Bibi, who was predicted 4s did fantastically well to achieve one 8, three 7s, four 6s and two 5s while Sally Naser gained five 9s, three 8s, one 7s and one 6.

Esha was thrilled with her grades, especially in the science subjects, as she plans to study Maths, Biology and Chemistry at V6 and intends to join the armed services before university.

“My teachers were always there for me. I was offered support when I was younger but I didn’t really take it. Once I did, and I put the effort in, it really boosted my grades.”

GCSE Results Day photos 4

Esha Bibi smashed her target grades and hopes to join the armed services after A-levels at V6

GCSE Results Day photos 1

Esha Bibi with former MHS Acting Head Brendan Hesketh and her parents Mehaz Bibi andf Asif Muhummed

Esha, from Fishponds, is the eldest of four children from a Pakistani family.

“My parents have worked so hard to put food on the table. My mum didn’t have a proper education so she wanted me to have the chances she didn’t have. I wanted to do well for my family – they were so happy and quite emotional when I opened my results.”

Anastasija Sobol, who suffered from long Covid throughout Year 11 and especially in the examination period, said “I am really happy with the grades I got,” she said. “It was really tough – on some days I was I fainting in the mornings before exams, which was very unpleasant. But I managed to sit at least one paper in every subject and all papers in some subjects, which I was very proud about.”

GCSE Results Day photos 2

Anastasija Sobol overcame long Covid to earn high GCSE grades

Anastasija, from Lockleaze, had Covid in January 2022 and began experiencing long Covid symptoms a couple of months afterwards.

“At that point they were manageable, but in January this year I had a chest infection, which led to problems with my blood pressure and heart rate. I was diagnosed with orthostatic postural hypotension and postural orthostatic taschycardia syndrome (POTS) and ended up missing a lot of school coming up to the exams.

“My teachers were very understanding and kind to me and I am very grateful to them.”

Anastasija was able to take enough of the exams to be given special consideration by the exam board for her marks for the papers she missed to be estimated based on those she had sat.

She has now been discharged from the long Covid clinic and is making a steady recovery and looking forward to joining V6 to study for A-levels in Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Computer Science.

Brendan Hesketh, Director of Education at Venturers Trust, who led the school for most of last year, said: “I am incredibly proud of everything that the class of 2023 has accomplished, both in these exam results and their contribution more widely. They are without doubt a fantastic group of young people. Thank you and well done to our wonderful students for everything you have given to Montpelier High School. You are amazing. “

Joint Heads of Year 11 Gemma Denning and Katie Baggaley said: “We are so impressed with the results of the Year 11s and hope they feel that their hard work and determination has paid off. Their school career was extremely fractured until Year 11 and they faced that and their exams with great resilience. We are so proud to have been heads of such an incredible group of students; it has been a privilege. We wish them every success with their future endeavours and look forward to many of them returning to the V6 in September.”

GCSE Results Day photos

Happy smiles at Montpelier High School from GCSE students Chloe McGregor, Anastasija Sobol, Faith Challis, Maja Piwarska  and Sally Naser

Chair of Governors at MHS, Tracey Killen, added: “The commitment and resilience of this group of students has been rewarded with outstanding results. Congratulations to all of them. I am confident they are set for the bright futures they deserve and I wish them every success.”